Frequently Asked Questions

What type of products do you offer?

We offer a full line of floral gifts and wedding arrangements, including (not limited to) centerpieces, bouquets, bridal bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

How long can Dried and Preserved last?

Preserved & dried flowers are real flowers that would give in to humidity and sunlight.

Their best condition period is between 1-3 months. When correctly cared for your flowers can last for a very long time. Keep them in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Remove them from the bag as soon as they arrive. 

How to care for Dried and Preserved Flowers?

As soon as you receive your product open any flower bags to allow moisture to escape and prevent mold. 

Best to keep it in air-conditioned places or cool & dry place with Silica Gel / Dehumidifiers. Avoid water, moist area, humid places & direct sunlight.

Dust off by gently brushing it with brushes or a soft duster. Do not press, bend, or squash the petals or stems as they are delicate.

Due to the humid and hot temperatures in Singapore, preserved roses can soften and colours may fade quicker. Keep them out of direct sunlight as this may cause the flowers to fade. Avoid placing them near open-windows, humid rooms and ventilation grilles.

Rainy days can lead to flowers moulding, which is unfortunately unavoidable. Initially, you can attempt to eliminate the mould by gently wiping it away using an alcohol swab. However, if the mould persists, we kindly advise you to cut the affected flowers or leaves to prevent its further spread.

A Care Card will be given with every order.

Can you re-create the exact same design as per photos I sent?

We avoid replicating other florists' works out of respect for another's craft. Also for us to be able to express out creative freedom and style. Photos are for illustration and/or reference purposes. For our past works, we will be able to work within the same palette and theme with the seasonality of flowers available, the outcome will still vary with the individuality of all blooms.

You may choose your flowers to a certain extent. Do let us know which blooms you hope to include or exclude in your bouquet. We hope you trust our expertise to put together something that is cohesive visually for you.

Will my Dried & Preserved flowers look exactly the same as the Fresh Flowers from the reference photos I gave?

Not all fresh flowers is available as dried & preserved flowers.

We only cater mainly on colour scheme that client requested and leave the rest to florist’s creativity.

Please ensure you are comfortable with our florist style. Kindly take note that florist would source for the best colour and flower type available and may include sola flowers and handcrafted wood flowers as well. 

When should an appointment for my wedding be scheduled?

For bespoke orders, kindly fill up a form and we will get to you within three(3) business days.

A consultation three (3) to six (6) months before your wedding would be ideal. Alternatively, you may get in touch with us and book up to 12 months in advance.

Kindly note that our quotations are only valid for 1 month. Please confirm your order with a deposit in order to secure your wedding date and prices within a month. A new quotation with revised prices may be put into effect after.

What goes into the rates I am paying?

Ongoing enquiry process: Labour and time is required to research, communicate, plan and design your wedding florals.

Preparations (includes and not limited to): sourcing for hardware, planning, ordering, processing and conditioning the flowers for your wedding. Additionally it includes transportation time and fuel costs into purchasing and delivering your flowers. 

I would like to confirm my package. What would be next process be?

Upon emails and/or phone call, we will send over a quotation for your perusal. As we have limited slots available, a 50% non-refundable deposit would be required to confirm the booking and book your date. 

What is your cancellation policy?

It is okay to change your mind. We empathise with the fluidity of circumstances and acknowledge the possibility of changing one’s preferences.

Please click here for our refund policy

What if my recipient is not available?

Our couriers will wait a maximum of 5 minutes in the event that the recipient is not at the stipulated address.

If the intended recipient is not present at the specified location, we have the option to leave the delivery at the doorstep or entrust it to a neighbour for residential addresses. For office addresses, we will leave it at the reception or with a colleague. In situations where there is no suitable person or location to leave your floral order, a $15 redirection fee will be charged for a subsequent delivery attempt.

Same-day redirection is subject to the availability of our drivers and the proximity of the second address. If it cannot be accommodated, the redirection will be scheduled for the following day.

Please be assured that our courier will take necessary precautions to securely place the delivery, ensuring that your recipient will be pleasantly surprised upon their return. While leaving the parcel outside the door is a possibility, we do not encourage it as our primary goal is to ensure the safe arrival of your order.

Can I pick up my order at your studio?

Yes, you can! Simply selectPick Upoption at check out. You are welcome to do a self-collection at our studio between 9:00 am and 7:00 pm.

Please wait for our email notifying you about your collection before visiting our studio, as our florist may still be creating your arrangements.

Can I leave a message?

Yes, you can. Click "cart" and leave your message at the message box. Please note that emojis are not supported with our system.

Can I pre-order my flowers?

Yes, you can purchase your flowers and gifts up to 60 days in advance!

Shoppers tip: Especially if it is on sale to secure the price! Unless there's a specific date for the sale.

When you schedule your daily bloom box for a later date, your floral design will follow the available flower arrangement for your chosen delivery date.

Do you attach any invoice with the product during delivery?

We do not attach receipt or invoice to the physical floral order package. This is because many of our customers purchase items as gifts, and we want to ensure a seamless gifting experience.

Can I remain anonymous?

Absolutely! We respect your need for anonymity, adding a touch of mystery to your experience.

Can I change my order?

If you need to make any changes to your order, please inform us 24 hours in advance. Any changes in address must be communicated by 8:30 am on the day of scheduled delivery. This is crucial as our dispatch drivers may already be en-route with your order. We regret to inform you that we cannot accommodate modifications for orders that are in transit. Your cooperation in promptly notifying us will help ensure a smooth and efficient delivery process.

Kindly call us immediately at +65 9726 7489 or reach us via the contact form below with your order number.

Please note that during peak periods such as Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, we are unable to accept any changes due to the high volume of orders. We apologise for any inconvenience and we appreciate your kind understanding.