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Floral Bloom Box

Floral Bloom Box

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Floral Bloom Box
Preserved & Dried Flowers (not limited to): hydrangeas, bunny tails, caspia, cotton, sola flowers


Flower Care
No water needed! Please avoid moisture and direct sunlight to extend the longevity of your flowers. Dried and preserved flowers can last for months up to a year.


All prices are inclusive of 9% GST

Do note that preserved & dried flowers are 100% real flowers which are natural materials that would give in to humidity and sunlight.

Their best condition period is between 1-3 months, however it would depend on the humidity of the environment as well.

It would be good to place them in air-conditioned or dry & well ventilated places and avoid direct sunlight. With proper care, they can last to a year or more. 

For more information on how to care for your preserved flowers, check out our FAQ page.


Each arrangement is carefully handcrafted and actual arrangement may differ slightly.

Please note that due to seasonal availability, there may be slight variations in the arrangements. However, rest assured that we will substitute any flowers with ones of equal or greater value. Fret not! The product will still look gorgeous!

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